Meet the Creators of Ambiance Sage

Magda Amin - A Better You Centre

Magda Amin of Ambiance Sage - Reiki practitioner

Magda Amin is a natural healing practitioner specializing in Reiki.  She became a Reiki Master in 2014.

She was called to go to this direction in her life after working as an Executive Administrative Assistant for more than 20 years. She was introduced to different natural healing practices to sort through her own issues in 2012. 

After having amazing breakthroughs, she became fascinated and curious to learn more about non-medicinal modalities in rehabilitation. 

She discovered that she could help people suffering from a variety of ailments, everything from anxiety, headaches, depression, back, shoulder or knee pain and a variety of other physical and mental symptoms. So she began her journey by founding her business “A Better You - Magda’s natural healing centre”.

Magda practices Distance Reiki healing so she is able to help people all around the world to balance their energy body and return to a state of calm and rest to facilitate their complete healing.  This is done through the phone or any other communication tools.  Magda speaks 3 languages fluently which she uses with her international clients:  English, French and Arabic.

She recently introduced crystal healing to her toolbox and decided to provide a platform for her clients to buy these crystals which will be sent to them cleansed and charged with Reiki energy.

She also created, with her business partner Karine Reimer of Natso Natural Solutions, an amazing tool to help clear the ambient environment and replace it with positive healing: Ambiance Sage Sprays energized with Reiki.

Today, she feels so blessed that she has found her passion and that she is fully utilizing and growing her skills to be of service to people, especially women who tend to overwork themselves and neglect their own needs.


Karine Reimer - Natso Natural Solutions

Karine Reimer, owner of Natso Natural Solutions

My name is Karine, I'm passionate about creating natural solutions for a healthy living and by my own practice and teachings of Yoga to kids and families. My goal is to share my passions with others to help them discover healthier alternatives and to start taking care of their family's healthcare and wellness naturally.

I believe that what goes on our skin, our largest organ, should be something that you would feel comfortable ingesting as well. Looking at ingredients on skin care and cleaning products filled with chemicals and toxins made me want to create my own entirely natural skin care products.

When dealing with my family's health, I use natural remedies, herbs, spices, supplements but my ultimate favorite go to is by far essential oils. The way they transformed my day to day life in reducing toxins and soothing my family's ailments still amazes me! I enjoy incorporating them in all my natural skin care products, cleaning products and I definitely use them while teaching Yoga.

Teaching Yoga has always been fun and rewarding for me and that's exactly why I decided to start teaching classes (in French and English) on how to safely use essential oils and how to make your own creams/salves and cleaning products using natural products and essential oils through my own company Natso (Natural Solutions Naturelles). My own skin care creations are also available for purchase through Natso.